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Read a Story to Me

read a story to me

We made this so our parents can keep reading to our daughter even though they are unable to visit us right now. We hope this helps you, as well!

So, how does this work?

In Read a Story to Me you have “Reading Rooms" where you can invite one other person to join. In the room you can see and talk to each other and read a story together. Everything you do is synched with the other participant. Although the bookshelf is already pretty full, you can also upload more books if you like (right now only PDFs).

Currently, there are two types of rooms you can choose from. Both types let you read free books and books you upload with your family and friends.

Anonymous Rooms

read a story to me

These rooms are temporary in their nature. No need to register, but any uploaded books are automatically deleted after 48 hours.

Go to an Anonymous Room

Family Rooms

read a story to me

If you register, you get what we call the family room. Your family room is permanent. Uploaded books will stay in your bookshelf.

Go to your Family Room